For most of you this is the first time using an enjin site, so you may need help on changing your profile/account info.

How to change avatar:
- click either on your name on the left side in the "member login" module or click "profile" at the top right above the banner.
- Now place your mouse over your avatar and then "change picture" will appear in the corner.
- Click on "change picture"
- Then click "upload picture"
- Browse for the picture you want to use then click "open"
- Your file will load then your avatar will automatically change.

How to put a signature:
- Click on "Account" at the top right above the banner
- Now click on the "Signature" tab
- Click on "edit"
- then put your code there and click "save".

There you go, that is how you can change your avatar and signature settings. You can also change other settings in your profile and account.